Pirates Win Again At Home

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Panama City Beach, FL-- The Panama City Beach Pirates were looking to get the bitter taste of defeat out of their mouth as they took on the IMG Club from Bradenton.

The game would scoreless for the first 90 minutes but in extra time Calvin Marques, who was a second half substitution, got the game winner.

Pirates are now 3-1 on the year.

The video attached should show the following highlights (goal not shown):

There's Captain Jack, not to be confused with Morgan, Hook, or D, leading the men out to midfield.

First half, Pirates trying to set something up as Matthew Raines, who one times to Will Monsour but Bradenton comes up with a huge tackle to send the ball out of bounds.

Pirates still persuing but Michael Lightborne can't get his feet on the Raines pass, Bradenton sends it back up near Raines, who fires for the goal but misses high.

And like any good party.....it didn't get exciting until I left, Pirates win on an goal in extra time by Calvin Marques

Pirates are now 3-1 on the year.