Pirates Enjoying Home Field Advantage

Panama City Beach, FL--It's safe to say the Panama City Pirates are feeling the love so far this summer.

The Pirates now four games into their PDL season, two wins, a loss and a tie.

Those two wins both coming at home on the pitch at Gavlak in front of good sized, and enthusiastic crowds.

"Oh yeah the Panama City Beach fans they came,"says Pirates head coach Greg DeVito. "they were very enthusiastic and the boys really fed off of that energy. Played really well and got the win with the home fans supporting them."

Pirates Defender Lance Nelson agrees with his coach, the local support has been meaningful to the guys.

"The area has kind of been screaming out for a team like this. Something that the community can get around and start to enjoy. Just from our fan support, where we've had about 600 at each game, so that's a great turnout. It's better than a lot of the other teams in our conference. So we just need the community to keep rallying around us."

Lance by the way a 2004 graduate of Niceville High School. He and the Pirates hit the road later this week for matches in Bradenton and Tampa this weekend, then it's back to play three straight in front of the home fans the 15th, 17th and 20th.