Positive Outlooks for FSU

As compared to the situation at Florida Wednesday, well it's a good problem for Florida State to have!
How to control the hype surrounding a quarterback who really looks like he's on the verge of big time stardom.
Yeah we know it's only a one game sample.
Jameis Winston not allowing a single ball to hit the ground in his debut at Pitt, while completing 25 of 27 for 356 yards and four TD's.
Now coming off a bye week, he and the 'Noles are getting set for the home opener against Nevada. And perhaps the biggest concern in tally this week, keeping Winston grounded.
When you hear this young man speak though, you get the feeling that's not going to be too big a concern!
Winston, said," I'm just being myself. I'm gonna be myself no matter what. Whether I'm on the headlines of ESPN or I'm on the front page of One Stop Hip Hop. I'm just gonna be myself. I'm gonna do what I have to do and I'm gonna prepare. Because my team, they are depending on me. And I have to do what is right for them, I can't have no big head and I've gotta stay grounded and just keep moving forward."
By the way, Nevada has a rather athletic q-b who put up big numbers.
Last season, and has looked good so far this season. That q-b cody Fa-jar-do though has a sprained knee and is questionable for Saturday's game.
Not the kind of problem a 33 point underdog needs heading to Doak this weekend.