Practice Key Says Muschamp

Gainesville, FL--The Florida Gators are now less than a week away from a Bowl date with Ohio State. Florida plays Ohio State in the Gator Bow January 2nd in Jacksonville. The Gators now back at practice following the Christmas break and chief among the concerns of Will Muschamp going into next week, the coach says this. "More than anything it's striking, playing well up front and fighting blocks up front. It's always a concern going into a bowl game when you have'a period of layoff is tackling. That's always an issue when you've had time off, it's like the first game of the year, you're a little hesitant on how you will tackle in the game, leveraging the ball, finishing the play, how we'll tackle, how we're preparing. We're trying to simulate the situation to make sure there is tackling involved so we're sharp when that happens."
That game vs. the Buckeyes set for noon central this coming Monday. Florida, despite being totally inept on offense down the stretch, still a two point favorite. Just tells you how down on Ohio State the odds makers are!