Prep Combine Comes to Rutherford Sunday

Springfield, FL---Area high school football players get the chance to post some numbers, numbers that scouts across the country will be able to see.

Rutherford will play host to a prep combine, where the players will be put through the paces so as to get themselves on the radars of college coaches and scouts.

The combine to be run by a company called Step-It-Up Football, it's between 35 and 50 bucks, depending on how many players a team brings. It starts at 3 o'clock Sunday.

Last year Rutherford head coach Alvin Dempsey took 30 players to one of these combines in Pensacola. This year he wanted the combine to come to them, so he offered the Rutherford facilities to make it easier for area kids to take part.

"They'll be tested more so in agility drills, 40 times." says coach Dempsey. "The big guys do big man competitions. Just your 7 on 7 type things that we do over the summer time when we do our 7 on 7's. And like I say, it's a recruiting process for the main part and that's one of the reasons I wanted to get it to this area, give our guys a chance. Because you know a lot of people don't recruit in the Panhandle."

Each player's name and stats will be put on a separate web page on a site hosted by Step-It-Up.