Pro Watercross Tour Wraps Up Action at Boardwalk

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Panama City Beach, FL---Here on the beach, it's not uncommon to see wave runners out in the Gulf. Vacationers and tourists hoping on rentals is pretty usual. But there was nothing usual about the machines out at the Boardwalk Beach Resort here in Panama City Beach.

Sunday marked the second and final day of the HT Pro Watercross Tour's Super Cup of Watercross.

Pushing speeds as fast as 90 miles an hour, it takes a rare breed to get out on the water and go to extremes like this, but it's not the money or the accolades that drives them, it's the joy of competition.

"I just do it out of a hobby, a straight hobby. I love the excitement, it's not the money or nothing," says Pro Stock 10 Lap race winner Troy Snyder. "I run a successful building business back home and I just gotta do something. So this is what I chose to do. It's the biggest adrenaline rush you could imagine. You got 19 guys on the line, all wanting to go to the first turn. I'm 42 years old and I beat these young boys all the time. I love it."

Racers hopped aboard their wave runners, impressing the crowd with their speed and swiftness. But it's the racers themselves who always leave impressed when it comes to being here on the beach.

"Panama City is the best spot we go to all year," says Snyder. "It's the most beautiful beach. I'm actually from Bradenton, Florida, which is on the Gulf also. So we have the same white sand beaches, but we never ge tot race there. This is by far, hands down, the best. We were in Pensacola last week. It don't match Panama City."

Competition wraped up Sunday as the tour packs things up until June when they'll travelk all the way to Sparks, NV.