Pro Watercraft Racing Comes to PCB

Panama City Beach, FL--It is going to be a rather busy weekend of sports behind the Boardwalk Beach Resort this weekend.

The beach behind that resort will be hosting both professional watercraft racing, and professional beach volleyball.

First the watercraft racing, which is being hosted by the UWP-IJSBA Pro Jet Ski Tour. The announcer with that tour is Mike Young who likens this racing a bit to Nascar.

"It's absolutely free to the public, full contact high speed personal watercraft fiberglass warfare. Different divisions, different age groups, men and women. They come to do battle and it's for a national title. They're qualifying for a spot on the line at the prestigious world finals which happens every October at Lake Havasu."

Young says they're expecting up to 125 racers, they'll compete on standup and sit down watercraft, the racing starts at 11 Saturday and Sunday.

In conjunction with all that the Extreme Volleyball is hosting a Summer Spike Pro-Am behind Boardwalk, so a busy busy weekend there, check it out.