Pryor A Perfect Fit for the "Jet Life"

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Florham Park, NJ---On May 8th, Calvin Pryor's life changed forever.

The Port St. Joe native made a lifelong dream come true when he was selected 18th overall in the NFL Draft by the New York Jets. On Monday, he officially joined the National Football League, signing his rookie contract, a 4 year deal for over 8.5 million dollars.

A month into his pro career , Calvin's loving being a member of Gang Green, as he's found himself in a perfect situation being a part of, as he says, that Jet life.

"It's been great man," says Pryor. "Coming to the New York Jets, I knew it'd be a great fit because they type of defense they play here and the high standards they hold themselves to. I've talked to (Jets Head Coach) Rex (Ryan), we run a similar defense to what I ran in college, so I basically know the system. It's just different terminology that I have to get used to."

Calvin says he's getting used to life in the pro's just fine. The lone hiccup, needing surgery, just to remove his wisdom teeth, which took him off the field for just a few days.

Pryor's spent his first month in the league at rookie camp and organized team activities, but more importanty, getting to know his new teammates, who've welcomed him in to Gang Green.

"It's been great man," says the former Port St. Joe Shark standout. "Those guys accepte me and welcomed me with open arms. When you have a chance to talk with guys like Dawan Landry, Michael Vick, Chris Johnson, Eric Decker, guys who have been in the league and have the experience to just teach you things. Once you have those guys to look up to, you just follow in their footsteps or try to even be better than them, you're on the right track."

As the offseason program continues, Calvin and the Jets will go through the rest of OTA's and mini camp in June before beginning training camp in July.