Pryor Cheering Jets Teammates from Sidelines, Waiting for Medical Clearance

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Cortland, NY---One of the biggest events of the preseason for the New York Jets is their annual Green and White scrimmage. The whole team plays in a game-like scenario at game speed to get ready for their first preseason game just a week from now.

Except for Port St. Joe native Calvin Pryor.

Gang Green's first round pick has only been cleared for physical activity for two days after suffering his first concussion a week ago.

Following NFL protocol on the head injury, the rookie safety has to be given the OK to return by the team physician and an independent neurologist for full contact, meaning he'll be watching the Green and White game from the sidelines, where he's spent for most of the last week, supporting his fellow Jets.

"I think those guys look pretty good, my teammates," says Pryor. "I'm out there being a big cheerleader, trying to cheer them on to get better everyday. Because they know once I get back out there, or without me, there still gonna work hard. I just feed off those guys."

Despite picking up that first concussion, Pryor says it won't change the way he plays the game.

"I still have to be myself. I play physical, you know, be aggressive. Just try to make the correct tackle and lead with my shoulder pads. That hit came from a shot where I wasn't looking, I took it out of nowhere, and it was from one of my teammates. So I just have to be aware and just play football how I know I can play football."

The Jets preseason kickoff comes Thursday, August 7th at home vs. the Colts. Calvin and the Jets hope he's cleared by then.