Pryor Going Through NFL Concussion Protocol

Cortland, NY---It's what they call concussion protocol for Port St. Joe alum Calvin Pryor at Jets camp.

Calvin suffered a concussion following a collision with a teammate in practice Saturday. The team saying that collision came on the first day of full contact, while Calvin was working kick return, he actually collided with the return man.

League protocol means Calvin sits out until the doctors clear him to get back to practice.

Before camp begins, doctors establish a baseline through a series of tests with each player.

After an injury, they can compare that baseline with a player's current status, in this case, an m-r-i of the brain, reaction times, things like that.

Monday was an off day for the team. If Pryor passes the cognitive tests by Tuesday, he could be back on the field when practice resumes.

Head coach Rex Ryan says following Pryor's injury, he told his team to avoid "overzealous" and unnecessary hits during camp, a message he says, he directed specifically at the team's younger players.