Pryor Reports to Jets Training Camp Wednesday.

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Cortland, NY---If you drive it, well its one-thousand, one-hundred-96 miles from Port St. Joe Florida to New York City. In realistic terms though, they are worlds apart!

A young St. Joe native by the name of Calvin Pryor is making the transition from his hometown to the Big Apple, with a three year layover in Louisville.

Pryor, the first round pick of the New York Jets, reporting to his team's camp Wednesday and Greg Brzozowski is there for the occasion!

Scott we are not in the Panhandle anymore, that is for sure. Actually you said the distance from the city, 12-hundred-50 miles all the way up to Cortland. But here in overcast, upstate New York, nothing could put a damper on Calvin Pryor's moving day.

"Oh it's been a great experience so far" Pryor said Wednesday afternoon. "Now it's time to get back some football you know. Coming to Cortland, now it's time to focus in. The season's right around the corner. Now I get the chance to bond with my brothers. Look forward to great things this season."

With the rain alternating between drizzling and pouring, Calvin files off the bus to a new experience. Even if it reminds him of his Louisville days.

"I do feel like the first day my parents dropped me off, you know, my mom was crying. She didn't want to leave me. And me being in a dorm room it always brings back memories you know. So I can say this is step one. We have a long ways to go."

Thursday, training camp begins on the practice field, but Calvin's already shined in green and white at mini camp and OTA's. (organized team activities)

"It was a great experience. It was step one you know into the right direction. I know weeks after that we'll be starting training camp. And it went by quick and here we are in Cortland, getting ready to get back to football. And that's what it's all about."

Calvin admits, yeah, he's got some nerves, but he's ready for his rookie year to truly begin.

"I feel very confident, they drafted for me a reason. It's time for me to go out and prove that."

Greg will have will shadow Pryor the next few days, so we'll see firsthand what the first few days of practice will be like for the rookie.