Rams Claim GC Hoops Camp Title

Panama City, FL---The Rutherford Rams seem to be in good "summer" shape when it comes to basketball.

Coach Rhondie Ross and his Rams taking part in a 13 team, 3 day hoops camp at Gulf Coast State College this week, and eventually winning the camp's final day tournament, beating the team from Gainesville, Georgia by a final score of 55-49.

Coach Ross telling us earlier in the week how important summer basketball is for any high school team, and camps like this, where teams get to compete against other teams in game like conditions, is invaluable.

The attached video shows the following:

Coming at you it's Keith Arts finishing the transition play with the ball off the backboard, good crisp passing there.

A bit later, the heir apparent to Kiki Williamson at point, Gabe Steele pulls up and connects on the jumper.

Follow that up with a nice looking drive by Josh Wade, the next in a long line good basketball playing Wades....

Khaliel Spearman then shows off the nice spin move for two more. The Rams on the way to 55-49 tournament title win.

That putting the wraps on a good three day camp run by Jay Powell and the G.C. hoops program.