Rams Get 1-0 Soccer Win Over Mosley

Panama City, FL---The Rutherford Rams able to notch a 1-0 soccer win over rival Mosley Monday night at Tommy Oliver. The lone goal of the match coming late in the first half when Dallas Davis connects on a shot off a deflected shot by Eric Riley.

Andrew Mask the Rutherford defenders able to make that goal stand.
The attached video shows the following:

The Dolphins the home team so wearing the white jerseys here. Mosley with a couple of scoring opportunities early on, the direct kick, but Andrew Mask goes high up into the corner to haul it in.

A bit later, a bit of an easier save on another direct kick.

Still scoreless midway through the first half, the Rams on the charge, Sebastian Beletic gives it ahead to #8 Eric Riley, who lines up the shot, but misses just off to the left.

A few minutes after that, Riley in position again, he firest again, this time Josh Hoey has it lined up, makes the save.

Still scoreless at the 8 minute mark, the Rams working in the middle, Riley's shot deflected, #21 Dallas Davis comes up with the rocket shot, and goes in after hitting the crossbar, it's 1-0 Rutherford.

Just before the half, Mosley's Cole Moreau gets a shot close in, but that goes off the crossbar.

Mask and the Rams get the 1-0 shutout win.