Rams Get Rare Afternoon Workout Wednesday

Springfield, FL-- Call it a somewhat rare sight to see. The Rutherford Rams out on the football practice field Wednesday. And yes, actually out on the football practice field, not some gym.

The weather Wednesday afternoon good enough for first year Rutherford head coach Alvin Dempsey to put his guys on the field for a full practice session.

That's been a rarity these last two weeks, as area teams have scrambled to get adequate time outside because of the ongoing storms.

Despite all that, coach Dempsey likes what he's seeing from his guys so far.

"When we can get out here the practices are going fine. Normally we're getting rained out. Yesterday we stayed up here a long time just to get one practice in. Thank God today the weather at Rutherford, the weather's beautiful. They're responding well, they're really accepting all challenges that we're throwing at 'em. We coach 'em hard, we run 'em hard, we love 'em hard. These guys step right in, accepting the challenge, they wanna be the best."

Spend any amount of time on the Rams practice field and you can see coach Dempsey is hands on during practice. He and the Rams will face Mosley next Friday in their preseason classic, then open the regular season at Florida High on the 31st.

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