Rams Peaking as Districts Near

Springfield, FL---Despite having 15 years under his belt, Coach Jon Hudson was not sure how this 2013 team would shape up,

"Early in the year we really relied on our offense to carry us. The pitching was a little inexperienced so we were having to carry ourselves offensively."

Which they did. Averaging 10 runs a game in the first month certainly gave the pitching staff time to grow says coach Hudson.

"Now that the pitching has caught up with it so now we don't have to rely on the offense to win ball games."

And just because they don't rely on runs, doesn't mean their offense is unreliable,

"I told the guys early in the year that I thought this could be the best offensive team I have had. We just have so many ways to score runs. We can hit the ball long, steal some bases, we can hit and run, we can do the small things as well. So it's really a complete team for us."

A trait he realized about his team during a one of their mid season tournaments,

"We've won a lot of games just swinging the bats and getting hits. But through the tournaments that we played we had to win 3 or 4 different games just on the small ball stuff."

So to recap, the Rams are a team with strong pitching that is developing more and more each week, they can hit not only for power but average as well, and average just under 9 runs a game.

Looks like the postseason couldn't get here quick enough for Rutherford High School. The Rams host Holmes Thursday night and play at Bozeman Friday before heading into the 5A-1 district tournament as the top seed. That tournament set for Arnold.