Rams Prepare For 4th Game Against Rival Mosley Tuesday

SPRINGFIELD-- Several area high school baseball teams are hoping to play their way into their region finals Tuesday night, Mosley and Rutherford among them.

As it happens, those two will face each other in the 5A region semifinals at Rutherford's home field at Shamplain.

It will mark the 4th time these two rivals have met this season. The Dolphins won the first two games in the regular season, the Rams won when they met in the district final, hence Rutherford getting to host Tuesday's game.

"Well for us," says Rutherford head coach Jon Hudson "the goal is what everyone's should be and that is to get to the final four. You know this game here is going to be the next step along the way, they're excited for that. That's the biggest thing in this game. That it's Mosley, these guys know those guys, they've grown up together, so that makes it even better for the kids."

That game set for 7 o'clock Tuesday night at Shamplain. We'll hear from Mosley's head coach Todd Harless Monday night at ten.