Rams Prepare for Rivalry Game with Bay

Springfield, FL---Thursday night will turn out to be a rather big night for either Bay or Rutherford's football team, as one will get it's first district win.

Both teams desperately in need of a win, the Tornadoes just 2-5 overall, the Rams, coming off the loss to West Florida last Thursday, are 1-6.

Both also 0-2 in district play, so the loser's playoff hopes are definitely dashed. The winner does keep some hope of staying alive on that front. Here are some thoughts from Rams head coach Alvin Dempsey a couple of days out.

"We're still focused on getting these last two district wins and competing for a spot. I keep telling the guys that somehow, some way the good man still likes us a lot because he's making a way for us to be in it, if we just win out. Defensively we're playing a lot of good football here lately. Offensively if we just catch the ball we'd be ok. I've been telling the guys that our opponents haven't beaten us, we've beaten us."

We'll check in with the Bay camp Wednesday night.

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