Rams Set for Playoff Opener vs. Wakulla

Springfield, FL---The Rutherford Rams are looking ahead to their shot at a first round playoff win as they host their 5A region quarterfinal Thursday.

The Rams, thanks to their win last week over Gulf Breeze which gave them their district title, get to host their game Thursday against Wakulla.

When you watch this Rutherford team you notice a group of players who really do seem to enjoy playing the game, and for lack of a better phrase, seem "loosey goosey." Their coach, Jon Hudson, likes it that way.

"Yeah I think for this group of guys, every group is different, but for this group of guys staying loose is the best way they go. You know sometimes you wonder if they're focused, if they're goofing around out there. But they are ready to play, it's an experienced group of guys and they know what they need to do. Sometimes they are dead quiet before a game and I wonder if they are too tight. And sometimes I wonder if they realize we're playing a big game. Either way they've come well, and played well in just about every situation we've put them in."

That game at Shamplain Thursday night set for 7. Marianna also playing Thursday, at Madison, that a 4A region quarterfinal.