Rashad Greene Talks About Jameis Winston at ACC Media Days

Greensoboro, NC---The Florida State football contingent has had it's say at the ACC Media Days in Greensboro Sunday and Monday.

The FSU players going before the mikes and cameras first.

Coach Fisher taking senior d.b. Lamarcus Joyner and junior receiver Rashad Greene up there. Among the first things Greene was asked, how confident he would be if redshirt freshman Jameis Winston was the starting qb in the fall, and he says "very".

"He's a great kid, I'll start out by saying that." Greene said. "He's a wonderful young man. His character and his leadership ability, you know it's outstanding to be that young and he can fill that role. And his throwing ability that speaks for itself. I know a lot of people have seen him throw a baseball so he's just as good throwing a football. And he can run so he brings a lot to the table as far as a quarterback. You know he kind of reminds me of EJ."

Monday when asked who his starting quarterback going into the fall will be, coach Fisher replied "I don't know."

Given Clint Trickett's transferred out, and Winston played better than another redshirt freshman Jacob Coker in the spring, it's very likely Jameis will be the guy taking the snaps when FSU plays at Pitt September 2nd!