Rob Armstrong Talks About Northview Rematch

Chipley, FL--For area high school football fans, the only playoff game on tap is the one between Chipley and Northview Friday night. That game will be a 1-A State Semifinal, Chipley's first ever visit to the state semi's. The game against Northview a rematch of a game in mid-September won by Chipley 34-27. Rob Armstrong looks at the rematch this way. "The thing about it, I've already had several questions about have already played 'em one time, but it was so long ago I don't think it really helps either team. It was week three and now we're way into the playoffs here so I think
there may be a couple things that both of us can learn from that game but we're both different teams now and we gotta look at recent film to try to get ready for this game."

When Northview looks at Chipley's most recent film, they'll see a team that moved the ball rather consistently against a very good Holmes team, in the air and on the ground. By the way, Northview's starting q-b and safety Brandon Sheets suspended for this game by the FHSAA for two unsportsmanlike penalties in the win over Freeport Friday. That's being appealed but the Chiefs just may have to go with a backup in this game.

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