Roonie Scovel talks about her team's Wednesday night win over Northwest and the ongoing conference race.

Panama City, FL--To hoops now and to say the least it's an interesting race shaping up for both the women and the men in the Panhandle Conference. Wednesday night the Lady Commodores getting a hard fought 4 point win over visiting Northwest Florida State, leaving those two and Chipola now all 2-2 in conference and two games behind first place Pensacola.

Roonie Scovel
Gulf Coast Head Coach

"You know we keep saying we need to hold ground at home, so we did get that victory. We gave one away early, it may come back to haunt us down the stretch. Somewhere we're gonna have to get one on the road. And I'm not sure 6 wins is enough to get to the state tournament. If we just hold ground at home, we did get a win at Tallahassee, we're all gonna beat up on each other. Right now we got us, Chipola, Northwest Florida tied after the first round, we'll see how round two goes. And the get ready for round three."

Gulf Coast continues what Roonie calls round two Saturday night at home against Tallahassee. Northwest gets a crack at first place Pensacola the same night. As for the men, coach Powell and his guys with that dramatic 1 point win last night over the Raiders, so they're 1-3 now in conference, Northwest now 2-2, tied for second with Pensacola. Chipola leads the way at 4-0.

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