Roonie Scovel to be inducted into JUCO Hall of Fame

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PANAMA CITY, Fla- Gulf Coast women's basketball coach Roonie Scovel will be honored Friday night at a ceremony in Pensacola. Scovel's going to be inducted into the National Junior College Women's Basketball Hall of Fame.

Being inducted into the Junior College Basketball Hall of Fame is a great honor for coach Roonie Scovel who's been able to lead Gulf Coast to 3 national titles, 8 State titles, and at one point 13 consecutive Panhandle conference championships.

Scovel said, "This award represents not only basketball wins but it represents a lot of success you know off this course that helped these young ladies be successful off the court."

You won't hear coach Scovel talk about herself much, because to her there are no individual awards.

"That I just try to focus on the fact that it represents so much," Scovel added. "It represents, we've always called ourselves the Gulf Coast family. You know to have such success on the court, the wins, the titles, the championships, that didn't occur without this Gulf Coast family."

Coach Scovel has been able to mentor and coach some of the best JUCO players to play the game, including 3 national players of the year and numerous All-Americans.

"I'm not sure I think so much about the players that scored all the points, or got all the rebounds, or made all the plays, I think I think more about the players, the unsung heroes," said Scovel. "That's probably what I reflected on more in the last month or so, than anything else."

Aside from her players probably the most important part of her success is her longtime assistant coach Grover Hicks, he was there for every step of her career dating all the way back to her high school coaching days.

"Well unfortunately he's always kind of had to sit in the backseat and watch me get all the glory and all the praise and all the awards that we've gotten over all the years. So you know we'll try to share this one together and like I say, if I could trade it and give it to him, I would," Scovel said.

Now that coach has reached this milestone in her career if gives her a chance to reflect on the journey that's brought her to this point, and prepare for the next part of her career.

Coach Hicks retired after 15 years at Gulf Coast this past season. Scovel will be inducted alongside longtime JUCO Division II head coach Kim Muhl of Kirkwood.

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