Roper Talks About Rebuilding Florida Offense

Gainesville, FL---Down to Gainesville they're working to improve the offense and they're hoping former Duke offensive coordinator Kurt Roper is the man to do it. He's been charged with improving on the miserable 18 points a game the Gators averaged in 2013.

Monday coach Roper spoke to the the media in Gainesville and talked about how he intends to go about rebuilding the Florida offense.

"You know our whole philosophy is going to be based on what the quarterback position is able to do. What the five offensive lineman are capable of doing. And then who earns the right to get the football on the field. So I think the biggest thing is installing our offense, the guys understanding it. We're gonna find some playmakers, we're gonna find guys that can produce yards and produce points with what we're gonna do offensively."

Head coach Will Muschamp chimed in as well.

"Philosophically all I've asked for is to be balanced. I feel like we've got to be balanced in this league. We've run the ball at times extremely well. You look at a year ago we averaged right at 6 yards a carry, which is outstanding. We need to throw it better, we've said that all along. We need to be more efficient throwing the ball and I'm certainly looking forward to that progress."

Coming off the first losing season in more than three decades, the pressure is on Muschamp big time to produce not just points, but wins!