Rutherford Prepares for Epic Mosley Clash

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Springfield, FL---All the talk around town is surrounding arguably the biggest game we've seen in decades set for Tuesday.

Rutherford and Mosley, both top five ranked teams in the state, both chasing state championships, but both needing to get past each other first.

Rutherford advanced to the region semi's after defeating Suwannee up at Bozeman Thursday with their field too wet to play.

Tuesday, they'll be back home hosting the 'Fins, playing their familiar foes for the forth time this season.

"I think we're really big rivals," said Rutherford senior senior Nick Nelson. "I think everyone knows that around here. But yeah, we grew up playing against each other. Emotions are definitely gonna be there."

"Since we've been playing them, we kinda know how they're gonna pitch us," said senior Dallas Davis. "Hopefully we can adjust to it in this game and get some more hits. Cause last game, we only got three hits, and it's gonna take a lot more than three hits to beat them this time. They're a tough team."