Rutherford and Mosley square off in preseason classic

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PANAMA CITY, Fla- The Rams and Dolphins played in one of several preseason Classic games involving area teams.

The Dolphins and Rams both hoping to see just where they are heading into the start of the regular season,

Which comes next week... this is a still a county rivalry even in the pre-season.

And they showed off in them too, Mosley drives 80 yards on its first possession and caps it off with a pass play from Zach Rhodes to Brandon Jackson, they add a two point conversion for the 8-0 lead.

Rams answer on the first drive too, Dondrell Harris leading them down the field, and he keeps it as he picks up a great block, and he's in for the score 8-7 after the pat.

Into the second quarter Dolphins up 11-9 after a FG and safety...Rutherford on their own 30, and again it's Harris, with the fake handoff, up the sideline, and turns on the jets!!!! 70 yards later and the Rams are back on the's 16-11 Rams.

Before half Mosley eats up a bunch of clock and punches in an 80 yard drive with this A.T. Brown touchdown run, to take an 18-16 halftime lead...

In the second half Rutherford took a 23-18 lead on a Harris 80 yard TD run, but Mosley came back to win this one 31-23.

The Dolphins open next Thursday night at home against Wakulla, the Rams open next Friday against Florida High @ Gavlak Stadium.

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