SEC Network Will Be a Part of Comcast Lineup

Philadelphia, PA---Call it a good news, bad news kind of deal for area viewers who are big fans of the SEC!

The SEC and Comcast Friday announcing they've struck a deal that allows Comcast to carry the soon to debut SEC Network.

That network in fact rolls out August 14th, with programming centered around live SEC football and basketball games, as well as games in just about every sport the SEC competes in.

Comcst is the first major cable provider to agree to carry the SEC Network, Dish is also on board.

The Network kicks off August 14th, with it's first football games on the 28th, Texas A&M at South Carolina, and Arkansas at Auburn on the 30th.

So all that is the good news, if you're a Comcast subscriber, you'll be able to watch those games on television or streamed on a variety of other devices.

The bad news is a Comcast spokesman telling me Friday afternoon there is a cost to carrying the SEC Network and that cost will be passed on to the customer, though he couldn't tell us the exact cost for viewers in this area.