SEC Football Coaches Vote to Keep 8 Game Conference Schedule

Miramar Beach, FL---Alabama's Nick Saban is certainly in the minority when it comes to moving to a 9 game conference football schedule in the SEC.

Wednesday the football coaches voting 13-1 against that idea Wednesday at the SEC spring meetings at the Sandestin Hilton.
Saban was the only vote for the idea.

That vote merely a recommendation that now goes before SEC Commissioner Michael Slive who may go along with the vote, or decide instead to move to a 9 game slate.

Coach Saban said he believes the SEC should play 9 conference games, that would beef up everyone's schedule, and allow teams to continue to play two teams in the other division each year.

He also says the teams in the five major conferences should only play games against other members of those 5 conferences, if for no other reason, the sake of the fans!

"Because one of these days they're gonna quit coming to the games. They're gonna stay home and watch it on tv. And then everybody's gonna say why ain't you coming to the games. Well if you play somebody good we'll come to the game. So that should be the first consideration. And nobody's thinking of them. They're just thinking about how many games can I win, can I get bowl qualified, how tough a teams do I have to play."

Good points for sure, the coach though conveniently forgetting pricing! Alabama near the top of the SEC at an average face value ticket price of 60 bucks! Auburn's near 65, Florida at the lower end at 40 bucks a ticket.

U-F Athletic Director Jeremy Foley Wednesday saying the SEC's created a group to study why average attendance at league games have dropped in four straight years. Among the ideas, more in-game replays, better cell and Wi-Fi coverage and new ways to lure students to the games!

Again it seems simple, drop ticket prices and put students at the front of the priority line to buy tickets, problem well on the way to being solved.