SEC Meetings Begin at Sandestin

Sandestin, FL-- The SEC has converged on the Sandestin Hilton as in attends to some serious business this week.

The annual Southeastern Conference Spring Meetings now under way at the Sandestin Hilton. t's four days of official conference business, with most of the coaches from the major sports, along with A-D's and school administrators meeting with the SEC brass.

This the 28th consecutive year the conference has held it's spring meetings at Sandestin.

One of the topics, the expansion of the league which is welcoming in Texas A and M and Missouri this fall.

More pressing is the issue of the BCS perhaps moving to a four team playoff, and it's safe to say the SEC pretty much unanimously in favor of that. And it shouldn't be, says Will Muschamp, just conference champions involved.

"I know what the SEC wants and we want the best four teams." says Muschamp. "If we want to truly determine the champion, let's have the best four teams play. Doesn't that make sense to you all, I'm going to ask you all, does that make sense to you all? (Answer) yes. Then good. (Question) But what if you end up with three SEC teams? It certainly could in our league, it certainly could, I don't think there's any question. My question goes back, do we want to have the best teams compete or do we want a conference champion? I mean we want the best teams at the end of the day. And however they decide that I'll put it to the people that are in power to get that thing done."

More from the meetings the rest of this week including coach Saban's thoughts on the transition that soon awaits Arnold's Eddie Williams as he gets set to go to Alabama.

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