SEC Presidents Support 4 Team Playoff

Sandestin, FL--The SEC wrapping up it's spring meetings at the Sandestin Hilton Friday, but not before making a couple of decisions involving future football schedules and support for a four team playoff.

The school presidents backing their respective football coaches and today voting 14-to nothing to support having a four team playoff, with those four teams being the best four, and not be tied to conference championships.

The SEC, which has won 6 straight BCS national titles, likes the idea of the top four ranked teams playing it out, that gives the most dominant football league the chance to get two teams into such a playoff.

All week long the coaches have been spouting the same line, love the playoff idea as long as it's not tied to conference champs.

The league Friday also voted to keep it's current football scheduling format as it expands to 14 teams.

The so-called 6-1-1 format means playing all 6 opponents within your division, keeping one rival from the other division, and one rotating opponent from that other division. So Florida, in the SEC east will play the other east opponents, and continue to play LSU every year, along with one other rotating game against one other west team.

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