Saban Dealing With Spring Doldrums?

Tuscaloosa, AL---It's not quite the dog days of Summer but Nick Saban knows spring practices can wear on his players. All in all the coach seems fairly pleased with the efforts the team's putting in this week, it's second to last of the spring workout season.

Coach Saban was rather critical of his team coming off it's first scrimmage late last week. The coach saying his players didn't do their assigned work on spring break the week before. This week Saban says things have improved a bit, though he's seeing his guys suffer a bit from the monotony of spring ball.

"In practice we're starting to see a lot of things that we may not see from our offense that our opponents will give us next year which always kind of motivates the player a bit. You know when you're at this point in spring practice you really need to look for some theme or some purpose you know for the players to really wanna go out there and be motivated to get better. And you know I understand sometimes where they're at.''

The Crimson Tide will finish up spring a week from Saturday with the A-Day game which again will be televised nationally.