Saban Has His Fill With Beat Reporters

Tuscaloosa, AL---Nick Saban's focused big time on his team's gathering with the Aggies Saturday.

So definitely don't try to distract him by asking him about a Yahoo! Sports story out Wednesday in which former Tide star DJ Fluker's accused of taking cash and other benefits from an agents rep while at Alabama. Some reporters did just that Wednesday afternoon, and after getting 3 straight versions of how he's dealing with the effects of the story, coach Saban had had enough and said this about the line of inquiries.

"It hadn't been distracting for me because I don't even read about it. I'm focused on what we need to do to play a game. That's what's fair to our players. I've already answered it three times. Who else wants to? Can we get in a line and everybody asks the question? We handle it appropriately. Bill made a statement. This is an administrative issue that our leadership will do a very, very good job of managing. If you want to talk about the Texas A&M game, I'll be glad to talk about it. Appreciate your interest in the game."

Coach then walked away from the podium. That game in College Station Saturday is set for 2:30 central, and can be seen on our sister station WECP.