Saban Likes What He Sees So Far

Tuscaloosa, AL-- Is coach Saban praising his players after the first few days of fall practice? Well, actually he is, with that praise characteristically tempered.

Alabama opens with Michigan in a month, and the coach says that's motivating his guys to practice hard. They want to be sharp from the first snap of that first game in Dallas.

Saban says so far, so good, though as usual, he's tempering his praise!

"You know I'm really kind of pleased with the work" says coach Saban "and the progress that our team has made to this point. I didn't say satisfied, I said pleased. I think the players are working hard, they're trying to pay attention to detail. They're trying to work through it. We've had five days now of one practice a day. A tremendous amount of teaching going on, a tremendous amount of learning. But I also see a lot of guys making a lot of improvement."

Saban singling out McCarron, Fluker and freshman receiver Amari Cooper as those showing consistency in performance. Again that opener vs. Michigan in Dallas September 1st in prime time.

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