Saban Prepares Tide for 2013 Opener

Tuscaloosa, AL----Alabama is getting set to open up what could be a third straight BCS championship season. That comes Saturday night against Virginia Tech in Atlanta.

So far head coach Nick Saban has done a good job controlling the hype surrounding the two time national champs, and he no doubt will continue to do that. It's obvious he believes a good way of doing so is to constantly put pressure on all his players to work harder to improve, and excel.

As for the opener Saturday against Virgina Tech, Saban says
"It's always an exciting time when it's game week. It's a great opportunity for every team and specifically our team to sort of show who you are. Are you gonna be the real thing, are you gonna be for real, or are you gonna be somebody that's just out there? Can you deliver in a critical time in a game? Are you gonna be a blinking light, a guy that can't really do his job on a consistent basis? Somebody that the other team is gonna look at and say hey we can take advantage of that guy?"

Certainly senior qb AJ McCarron one of those players Saban knows he can count on going into the season, and there are others. Still there are plenty of question marks for the team as it sets out on the 2013 season.

The Tide face the Hokies at 4:30 central Saturday, Alabama favored by 21.