Saban Sharing Interesting Thoughts on Booster Tour

Fort Payne, AL---Nick Saban is making some interesting comments as he travels around the state of Alabama meeting with boosters this spring.

Speaking Thursday night in Fort Payne he says he'd like to see the SEC move to a 9 game schedule. He says the fans deserve better games week in and week out, no more hosting F-C-S schools.

In reference to the Big Ten considering a ban on any of it's teams playing FCS teams, Saban went even further telling
"I'm for five conferences - everybody playing everybody in those five conferences. So it might be 70 teams, and everybody's got to play them."

He adds the better the games, the tougher the schedules, would mean you don't always have to be undefeated or just a one loss team to win the championship.

Saban uses the example of the Giants in 2011, losing 7 games that season but winning the Super Bowl. That he says "is competition!"