Saban Spoke at Rules Change Committee Earlier This Week

Undated----As it turns our, our assumption was correct. Alabama's Nick Saban is one of the driving forces behind that NCAA
committee proposing to slow so called "up-tempo offenses."

NCAA coordinator of officials Rogers Redding telling the A.P. both Saban and Arkansas' Bret Bielema spoke at the meeting this week in Indianapolis where the rule change was proposed.

That rule would allow defenses 10 seconds to substitute players, and have a penalty called if the offense snaps the ball before 29 seconds to go on the play clock. That proposal said to be in the name of player safety.

"Coach Saban asked for the opportunity to meet with the committee and talk about this," Redding said. "It's not routine, but it's not unique, either."

Saban and Bielema run methodical offenses and have claim the quickening pace of offenses is bad for the game and player safety.

'Bama's chief rival Auburn thrived under Malzahn's fast paced attack last season.

Two FBS coaches on the panel proposing the change, Air Force's Troy Calhoun, and Louisiana-Lafayette's Todd Berry. Their teams 104th and 93rd, respectively, last season in plays per game.

The proposal to be voted on by an oversight panel March 6. Redding says more often than not it approves proposals.