Saban Talks About How to Keep His Players at Championship Level

Hoover, AL---The final day of the SEC Football Media Days in Hoover, Alabama featured the two time defending National champs!

The Alabama contingent led by coach Saban. His program's put up back to back national championships, and won three of the last four.

When asked about how he maintains such a high standard of success, he said a big part is done by inspiring, instead of just teaching!

"You create a motivation within them to want to do it." coach Saban told reporters. "When you teach somebody something, they may or may not want to do it. You're just trying to show them through some teaching progression how to do something. They may not want to do it. You know we have guys all the time that come in and I say hey you missed this class and I bring them in, and they say coach I really don't like that class. And I say hey that's a great opportunity for you to go focus on something that you don't like, it might help your focus on the field!"

The Tide with the chance for an unprecedented third straight BCS championship, but you know Saban's not allowing any of that kind of talk amongst his troops.

AJ McCarron among the Tide players on hand up there Wenesday.

He refused to talk much about his being Manziel's roommate at that Manning camp and if he tried to wake Johnny Football, who claims he overslept last Saturday and then left that camp. AJ simply saying he was thrilled to be a part of that camp, and was focused on doing what he needed to do.

And oh by the way, the media voting on preseason All-SEC Wednesday, and McCarron, who's led the Tide to back to back National Championships, can't even make first team. That went to Manziel.