Saban Talks About Keeping Tide focused

Tuscaloosa, AL---As Nick Saban and the Tide get set to host Florida Atlantic, the coach's toughest task this week perhaps, keeping his guys focused.

Most fans, Alabama and otherwise, expect t he Owls will get drilled. Alabama certainly looking unbeatable after the first three games, convincing wins over Michigan, Western Kentucky and most recently Arkansas.

I guess it's a good thing when as a coach your biggest problem is keeping your hyper-talented team centered and motivated. Certainly coach Saban is as good as anyone at doing that!

"If you went out and asked some 12 year old kid what he thinks he needs to improve on," Saban said earlier this week to the press "he'd probably have to sit there and think for a half hour, 45 minutes for something he can improve on. If we went and asked Peyton Manning what he could improve on, he'd probably write a novel about all the things that he could do better, relative to all the success he's had. So the point is, there's always room to improve, you've never really arrived the goal should be to make the team stronger."

If the Tide get much stronger they're going to move them to Sundays to play Peyton and Eli and others in the NFL. That game Sunday at 4 central, 'bama favored by 50!

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