Saban Talks About LSU Game Ahead

Tuscaloosa, AL--- Call it football-ageddon part three.
Alabama and LSU will gather for third in in some ten months Saturday, with again, so much riding on the outcome.

Alabama is the disputed number one heading down to Baton Rouge. The Tide certainly living up to their coach's focused, methodical approach again this weekend, taking apart a pretty fair Mississippi State team. The outcome never in doubt after the first quarter.

Naturally the quality of competition gets ratcheted up a bit Saturday night, that fact certainly not going to sneak up on coach Saban.

"When you're playing on the road it takes a special focus to be able to execute and do the things to stay tuned to what you have to do to do the things you have to do to be successful. These guys have obviously been pretty successful at home, they've got the longest winning streak in the country. Les Miles to me, has done as good a job as anybody in our league ever has in terms of what he's been able to accomplish and the consistency of what they've been able to accomplish you know as a team there through the years there."

Back to Alabama how about AJ McCarron, a 69 percent passer who's tossed 18 td's and not a single interception. You could argue he deserves some Heisman talk. That game in Death Valley set for 7 central Saturday night, Alabama favored by ten.

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