Saban Talks About Losing 4 Players in the Off Season

Sandestin, FL---It may be a bit strange to be talking football this time of year. As it happens though the powers that be in the SEC just happen to be in our neighborhood this week.

The SEC Spring Meetings once again taking place at the Sandestin Hilton Tuesday through Friday.

It's a bit tough to nail the coaches down for interviews, but we did manage to get in front of Alabama's Nick Saban Tuesday afternoon, chatting with Saban along with a few dozen other media members from all over the southeast.

Coach Saban talking about a variety of topics, including the departure of Arnold alum Eddie Williams and three other Tide players this off season for alleged criminal activity.

"We try to help everybody be successful so it would be a little bit like if you''re a parent you want to see your kids be successful." coach Saban says. "You want them to be independent. You want to see them go out and be happy in life and feel good about themselves. And all of a sudden you have one that is struggling how does it make you feel as a parent. Well that's the same way we feel as a coach when we have one that struggles. We don't just blame them, we feel a little bit responsible that we weren't able to reach them or help them do what we could do to help them be successful. So we take some of the responsibility for that as well."

That's not, he says to imply the young men aren't responsible for their actions, and no matter what they must be held accountable for them.

Saban also pushing hard this week to get the conference to add another league game, and in fact is advocating the 5 major conferences only play teams from those 5 conferences, beef up everyone's schedule. If for no other reason than for the sake of the fans who buy tickets to the games, they deserve better games Saban says.