Saban Talks About Saturday's Rivalry Game with Tennessee

Tuscaloosa, AL---What's next for the top ranked Crimson Tide. Well, coming off the 52-0 whipping of Arkansas, coach Saban and company set their sights on the traditional rivalry with Tennessee.

Saban says this remains one of the great rivalries in college football, especially in the south. It's a series that has been a bit lopsided in recent years with the Tide dominating.

And just a few weeks ago this game might have looked like another easy conference romp for the Tide, and yet another easy win over the Vol's, but suddenly that's not the case.

"Right now Tennessee is emerging as a very good football team the last two weeks." coach Saban says. " They had an opportunity to beat Georgia, beat South Carolina last week. I think Butch Jones has done an outstanding job there, and when a team improves like they've improved you know it's always a sign of good coaching, a good coaching staff and a lot of people doing a very, very good job."

All that said, the oddsmakers trying to encourage folks to "like" Tennessee in this one, Bama opening as 28 point favorites for Saturday's game. That one at 2:30 central on our sister station WECP.