Saban Talks About Tide Keeping Focused

Tuscaloosa, AL---It's one of the biggies on the SEC slate Saturday, 7-0 Mississippi State, ranked 13th in the AP, at 7-0 and top ranked Alabama.

The Tide coming off the blowout win at Tennessee, a game that turned out to be even easier than many Tide fans thought it would be.

Another indication of a team that simply goes out and prepares well to take care of business. Just how coach Saban likes it!

"I think at this time of the season you're running a hundred meter race," says Saban "it's getting down to about 70 meters and you got 30 meters to go and a lot of people are close, chomping right on your heels. And you gotta be able to finish the race. It's important that people continue to do the things that they need to do to prepare well to improve, to play the way they're capable of playing, to execute, whatever your role is."

Certainly AJ McCarron's taking care of his role, in fact he just may be the best quarterback in the league.

That game in Tuscaloosa set for 7:30 central, Tide's favored by 24.

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