Saban Makes Adjustments

Tuscaloosa, AL--It's just about time for the Crimson Tide to pack up and head south to New Orleans. Believe it or not, we're now less than a week away from the National Championship game between #2 Alabama and top ranked LSU.
Their rematch set for the Superdome in New Orleans this coming Monday. That game will end a 43 day layoff for the Tide who, as Nick Saban says, have had to change their bowl preparation routine because of that layoff.
"We started taking the approach with that much time off that's there's no way you can carry the momentum of the season to the bowl game. That you have to approach it more like it's a one game season. And I think players have to show a tremendous amount of understanding and maturity that, like in our case this year, we had actually three weeks where we worked out and lifted weights, where we really didn't practice. And then once we started practicing they have to buy into the fact that this is a one game season and so I gotta go back and work on this like it's camp."
The Tide with their final workout in Tuscaloosa today, they'll travel to New Orleans tomorrow.

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