Saban Talks About Poll Voter Fairness

Tuscaloosa, AL-- Call it just a bit of campaigning by Nick Saban, just in case! Most believe the Tide, at 11-1, now second in the BCS rankings, will indeed be in the BCS title game come early January.
Realistically, the only thing that could knock 'bama from that slot, voters dropping the Tide in next week's poll based on those voters not wanting to see a rematch with LSU. Saban's hoping that won't happen, he believes voters should put the two best teams into the championship game, period. Says Saban "Everybody has a full body of work to look at and and I think we should be able to stand pretty reasonably well on you know that body of work, relative to what kind of team we have. It is I think, in my opinion what the players deserve."
Many fans also believe Trent Richardson deserves Heisman consideration. In fact most believe he's the front runner at this point. That at least gives Tide fans something to focus on while they await next week's deciding polls.