Saban Talks About Richardson TD Run.

Tuscaloosa, AL-- We start with college football and the question, is Nick Saban getting a little kinder and gentler as he gets older, because he's starting to sound as if he really likes his football team and is actually doling out some love to his guys! Saban has reason to feel that way. The Tide now 7 and oh as they look ahead to a home game against Tennessee. Saban Monday, gushing you could say with praise for his team coming off the whipping of Ole Miss, with particulary high praise for junior running back Trent Richardson.

Nick Saban
Alabama Head Coach

"Watching the film the one run, the long run that he made for the touchdown, that was as good as a run as probably, I mean there was a lot of guys that hussled and made a lot of blocks. But they really had us at the line of scrimmage, he made a guy miss and really was a fantastic effort on his part."

And that's as complimentary as he gets, believe me. Trent with 183 yards and 4 td's in that game. For the season, 912 yards rushing with 15 touchdowns. Can you say Heisman frontrunner?

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