Saban Talks About Transition Ahead for Eddie Williams and Others

Sandestin, FL--It is to say the least a rather big transition ahead for some area prep football players and one in particular.

Spending time at Sandestin last week gave me the chance to, among other things, talk to Nick Saban about one of his future players,

Arnold's Eddie Williams. Eddie signing with the Tide back in February.
Williams a standout defensive back, receiver and quarterback for the Marlins the last few years.

Certainly he stood out in high school ball because of his size, speed and talent.

In a few weeks though he heads to Tuscaloosa, where he will no longer be the most impressive physical specimen on the field, he'll be just another guy in a crimson jersey, and Saban says he better be ready for that.

"You know one thing I always tell these young guys is they have to focus on improving and the process of doing what it takes to become the best player that they can become." says coach Saban. "And that's not how they view it. They've always been the best player. I even tell 'em you guys know how to play football, but you never really learned football. You never really learned football. And you're gonna learn football here because you're gonna play against more diversity in offenses probably and you're gonna have to do a better job of executing and understanding your job. And not just go out there and trying to make plays and think you need to be a playmaker."

I then asked coach how today's social media environment and the amount of publicity big time recruits get these days affects their attitudes and maturity. He said he believes all the hype many recruits get during the recruiting process is unproductive and that, along with time spent on social medias he believes, sometimes hinders kids maturity.

All that said, Saban's learned to deal well with today's average blue chipper, turning in two national championships at Alabama in the last three years.

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