Saban Talks About the Weeks Ahead for the Tide

Tuscaloosa, AL--Count Nick Saban among those Monday saying he's happy to see Urban Meyer back in coaching. Who knows, perhaps those two will coach against each other in the near future.
As for this year, Saban's next coaching matchup will, more than likely, come against Les Miles and LSU. The Tide taking care of Auburn in the Iron Bowl over the weekend, and when the BCS rankings came out last night, there was 'bama sitting at number two. So if LSU beats Georgia in the SEC title game Saturday, it's a guaranteed rematch with the Tide in the BCS title game. Many believe even if LSU loses Saturday, it will still be LSU-Bama in the BCS championship. No matter what, Saban wants his guys ready for any scenario. "The number one thing that we try to maintain over the next three weeks, regardless of what our circumstance is, because it's too early to practice for any game is the conditioning of the team. So we will have a three week conditioning regimen for our players, lifting, conditioning and simulated training."
If the Tide does play in the BCS championship, well that isn't until January 9th, so 'bama could see a 47 day layoff between games.

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