Saban and Tide Prep for Iron Bowl

Tuscaloosa, AL--Saturday marks the renewal to one of the best rivalries in all of sports. It's the Iron Bowl, Alabama and Auburn on the football field. This time around more on the line for the Crimson Tide, who are ranked second and still in line for the SEC and BCS title games. This game falls just a couple of days after Thanksgiving which makes it a little tricky for the coaching staffs. Nick Saban and his coaches will host many of their players on Thanksgiving which helps them keep on an eye, to a certain degree, on how much those players stick to their pregame regimens. Alabama Head Coach Nick Saban says "You know they have to have enough discipline to know they got a game coming that means something to them. They gotta make good decisions about what they do whether they're sitting eating at my house or not. A few years ago Cody came to my house for Thanksgiving and he sat and just stared at the coconut cream pie. I said you can have a piece it's Thanksgiving, but he said no coach I'm staying on my diet. I don't know what happened when I left the room but he was at least good when I was watching him."

That game in Auburn Saturday afternoon at 2:30 central, Alabama regardless of how much they eat Thursday, favored by 21.

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