Saban looking to get McCarron and Sims reps against North Texas

TUSCALOOSA, Ala- Saban and his boys get what you might call a working vacation this week.

Coming off the nice win in Happy Valley, the Tide will host North Texas which will come to Tuscaloosa as 45 point underdogs. Certainly Saban's not about to allow his guys to relax too much come Saturday night. In particular he's going to use this one to continue to evaluate his quarterbacks A.J. McCarron, who played almost the entire game at Penn State, and backup Phillip Sims.

"We'll continue to work the quarterbacks as we did last week. Which was two for one, because we want to continue to develop Phillip. We'd like to play Phillip if we get opportunities to play him. Because I do still feel both guys are good quarterbacks, and I think there's good competition there. I think there's room for improvement with both guys, and we'd like to continue to do that," Nick Saban said.

That Tide game starts 6:30 central.

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