Sandestin Host Saints Cheerleaders Calendar Shoot

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Miramar Beach, FL----The Sandestin Golf and Beach resort is already home to some of the most beautiful views in the Gulf. So what happens when you add NFL Cheerleaders to it's beaches?

We found out as as the New Orleans Saints cheerleaders once again chose this piece of paradise for their 2015 calendar photo shoot. They did the same last year.

It's nearly impossible to take attention away from the picturesque sights in Sandestin. We did say nearly. Meet the Saintsations.

Before they go back to cheering on the Superdome's sidelines, they came to the Panhandle for their 2015 calendar photo shoot.

Stephanie Myers is in her third year cheering with Saintsations

"The weather is beautiful here in Sandestin." says Myers in between photo shoots. "I think we have a great relationship here with everyone in the community. We have a lot of friends that are Saints friends."

Summer Rials, in her second year with Saintsations also seemed to love the decision to shoot at Sandestin.

"The hospitality here is unreal. And I've been telling everyone that. The people are so nice. They come up, taking pictures, screaming 'Who Dat! This is still the Gulf Coast so it's Saints Country. It's so nice to see that there are Saints fans everywhere."

The friendly people and incredible setting rank Sandestin near the top of the team's favorite places to travel.

"The calendar shoot is amazing." says Myers. "We often times shoot in New Orleans, so I think we all feel fortunate when we get to kind of make a mini vacation out of it, where we come to the beach."

"Oh, it's so fun." adds Rials. "It is so fun and it's also a really great bonding time, too, because we're doing our retreat, just to get closer to the new girls."

But just because the Sainsations make this look easy, doesn't mean it is easy. Says Myers "There's so much prep time to this It is early morning wake ups. A lot of us had 4:30 AM calls, so a lot of us had to be ready in hair and makeup, so it was really getting up at 2:30."

And Rials tells us you have to make sure everything looks just right before getting in front of the cameras. "Preparing all the bathing suits, you gotta have the spray tan, and your hair right. And then going until 11 or 12 at night with video shoots. It's a long, hectic day."

"It's hot out here." Myers chimes in. "I love the beach but it is hot and sweaty. And you can't be hot and sweaty in the picture, right? You gotta be beautiful. But it's well worth it in the end when the calendar comes out."

While they wait to see who made what month and football season to start, the Saintsations will keep cheering on their favorite news team.

"Go Channel 7!"

The Saintsations will know who ends up in which month in August at the reveal party at the Royal Sonesta in New Orleans.