Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort gears up for the 25th Sandestin Triathlon and some 800 athletes from all over the Southeast.

Sandestin, FL-- Come Saturday the folks at Sandestin Golf and Beach Resort will be hosting a slew of athletes from all around the southeast for the 25th Sandestin Triathlon.

Sarah Brazwell
Sandestin Public Relations

"This is a record breaking year for the Sandestin Triathlon. There's more than 800 people competing. And that's anywhere from a single person doing all of the legs of the race, to a three man team doing the swim, the bike, the run. The athletes are coming from all over the southeast region. The majority of them believe it or not are from Louisiana. We just looked at the stats this morning, and almost, a big majority are from Louisiana, Florida, Georgia and there's even a couple from Illinois. So it's a really great turnout this year."

The Sandestin Triathlon is a half mile swim in the Gulf, a 20 mile bike that moves east and then back from the resort, and a 4 mile run through the resort. The swim waves begin at 6:30 Saturday morning.

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